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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


seacrest out!

lost memories


HAppy new YEAr!?!?!

Not so fancy


Breaking News Science Pipe: First Ever Invisible Feces Deposited!

Twilight as it was meant to be seen

the books are better, YEAH RIGHT!

Dry Fit Party Sub Champion

Top 5 lookalikes of 2008

maze ain't sh*t


Bad Santa 2 was HIGH-LARIOUS


holiday party no sense of humor award!!! PIPE APPROVED

The Fastest Truck In The World With Super Boosters

I give up...

Don't Give Up On Us! 20 Pipes to 1000 in 2008!

The Real Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Happy New Year/Barkley Trifecta


Have a safe and happy holiday

Breaking News Pipe: Dane Cook Does Something Funny!

Score! The Barkley Double:

Charles, Kurt. Kurt, Charles.

MacWorld 1980 Unveiled the iSuck

Monday, December 22, 2008

Juno: The TV Show

Fancy Pipes Presents: "Yes, that song has a music video!"

45 to go!!! DON'T STOP PIPIN'

They may take his blood, but they'll never take his soul patch!

OMG! They're still doing these commercials!

I thought they all went to jail.

No guns in the food court either.

Watch 60 Minutes on your bag this Sunday (except on the West Coast).

Aw fish assholes! I left the keed on the car roof aggeen!

Buzzpipes: Shit Wolf

One stop shopping

Last night, on Cheaters, there was a guy in a bee suit. It was awesome, but I couldn't find it. This clip is equally amazing, though...

Billy Mays Dub Allstars

Is it too late to unvote?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Have you tried the Grille Daddy? I got mine at It's awesome.

To everyone at B3TA...

Not Billy Mays

Happy Holipipes: The new 2 girls one cup?

Time Machine

Aspiring Lord of my Pants

Alias: Fancy Piper

Pipe No. 120

The Walmart Greeter at Burning Man

Stupid Brat. She doesn't even know the words.

Happy Holipipes: Pussy Galore!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Eyewitness Report

1000 Pipes!!! Now that's cause for Celebration!!!

999 pipes on the wall


Happy Swednesday! Have a PopTart!

Before biting off your ear, he'll deep fry it in cow lard.

At Least it's not a Sex Tape

Breaking News Pipe: Cleveland Clinic Performs First Successful US Face Transplant

Happy Swednesday